Lara Campbell’s Curriculum Vitae


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B.A. (History), McMaster University
B.S.W. (Social Work), McMaster University
M.A. (History), University of Toronto
PhD (History), Queen’s University



Cover of debating dissent by Lara Campbell Debating Dissent: The Sixties in Canada. Co-edited with Gregory S. Kealey and Dominique Clément. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012.
thumb-respectable-citizen Respectable Citizens: Gender, Family, and Unemployment in Ontario’s Great Depression, 1929-1939. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2009.
Gender History, Canadian Perspectives Gender History: Canadian Perspectives. Co-authored with Willeen Keough. Don Mills: Oxford University Press, 2014.
Book to be published soon Worth Fighting For: War Resistance in Canada from the War of 1812 to the War on Terror. Co-edited with Catherine Gidney and Michael Dawson. Toronto: Between the Lines Press, 2015
Women and Social Movements in the United States Edited Journal Collections:
“Seeing the Same World Through Different Eyes: Canadian Women’s Activism since 1945,” Women and Social Movements in the United States v.13 n.2 (September, 2009). Co-edited with Joan Sangster, Tamara Myers, and Nancy Janovicek.


Transpacific Connections: British Columbia Suffragists, China, and Encounters of Modernity.” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies 20, 2 (2020)

‘The Moral Grandeur of Fleeing to Canada’: Masculinity and the Gender Politics of American Draft Dodgers during the Vietnam War.” In Masculine Histories in the Making: Emerging Themes in Canada. Eds. Peter Gossage and Robert Rutherdale. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2018.

“Assessing the Feminist Scholarship of Veronica Strong-Boag.” Atlantis. Spring 2013.

“Time, Age, Myth: Toward a History of the Sixties.” Co-authored with Dominque Clément. In Debating Dissent: The Sixties in Canada. Edited with Gregory Kealey and Dominique Clément. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012.

“Respectable Citizens of Canada: Gender, Maternalism and the Welfare State in the Great Depression.” In Maternalism Reconsidered: Mothers and Method in Twentieth-Century History, eds. Rebecca Plant et al. Oxford and New York: Berghahn Press, 2012.

“‘Women United Against the War’: Gender Politics, Feminism, and Vietnam Draft Resistance in Canada.” In New World Coming, eds. Karen Dubinsky et al. Toronto and London: Between the Lines and Palgrave MacMillan, 2009.

“For Improper Objects: Thinking About the Past, Present, and Future of Women’s Studies,” BC Studies n.154 (Summer 2007): 121-130. Co-written with Natasha Patterson.

“‘We Who Have Wallowed in the Mud of Flanders’: First World War Veterans, Unemployment, and the Development of Social Welfare in Canada, 1929-1939.” Journal of the Canadian Historical Association New Series, Vol. 11 (2000), 125-149. Reprinted in Interpreting Canada’s Past: After Confederation, ed J.M. Bumstead. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2004: 337-50, and in Readings in Canadian History: Post Confederation, eds. R. Douglas Smith and Donald B. Smith. Thomson-Nelson, 2006. Download PDF 1.3MB

“A Barren Cupboard at Home: Ontario Families Confront the Premiers During the Great Depression.” In Ontario Since Confederation: A Reader, eds. Edgar Montigny and Lori Chambers. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2000, 284-306. Download PDF 8.5MB

Conference Presentations

Lara Campbell and colleagues at the Canadian Historical Association, University of Waterloo, 2012

Relaxing at the Canadian Historical Association, University of Waterloo

Modernity, Progress and Militancy: The Transnational Politics of Suffrage in Canada,” Transnational Feminism Workshop, Wilson Institute for Canadian History, McMaster University, May 2018. 

“Global Militancy: The Politics of Suffrage in British Columbia,” Canadian Historical Association, 2018 (Sponsored by the CHA Political History Group)

Why self-supporting women need the ballot”: The Working-Class Women’s Suffrage Movement in British Columbia. BC Studies, 2017. Forthcoming

Roundtable Co-ordinator and Chair. Activism and Affect: Thinking Through Second-Wave Feminist Histories. Canadian Historical Association, 2017

Roundtable co-cordinator and co-presenter (with Catherine Gidney). “Using Affect Theory and History to Interrogate Second-Wave Feminism.” Canadian Historical Association, June 2016.

“Discourses of Violence and Masculinity in the Vietnam Antiwar Movement,” Political Violence, Terrorism and Civil War Conference, SFU, February 2016.

“‘I Stay at Home Myself’: Family Economies, Gender, and the Family Courts in the Great Depression.” Society for the History of Children and Youth, University of British Columbia, July 2015

‘I’d just as soon go back to the U.S. shooting”: The Politics of Amnesty in the Vietnam War, Canadian Historical Association, June 2015.

“Courage, Cowardice, Bravery: Writing a History of Vietnam-Era War Resistance.British Association of Canadian Studies, British Library, April 2014.

“‘American Impotence, American Tragedy’: Shame, Bravery and Masculinity during the Vietnam War.” Université de Paris (Nouvelle Sorbonne): Association of Cultural Studies, July 2012.

“‘We Will All Come Out Fighting’: Masculinity and War Resistance in the Vietnam War.”
Canadian Historical Association, June 2012.

“Be a Man, Stand By Your Family: Fathers, Citizens, and Unemployment in a New Environment.” York University. Transformation: State, Nation and Citizenship in a New Environment. October 2011.

“Dodging the Demands of Citizenship: Masculinity and Draft-Dodging during the Vietnam War.” Berkshire Conference of Women’s History. June 2011.

“Our Own Merchants of Death: Canadian Nationalism and the Vietnam War.” British Association of Canadian Studies, April 2011.

“‘The ‘Moral Grandeur of Fleeing to Canada’: Masculinity and Draft Resistance during the Vietnam Era.” Two Days of Canada Conference, Brock University, 2010.

“Embodied Citizenship: Canadian Welfare Policy and the Unwaged Woman.” Berkshire Conference on Women’s History, University of Minnesota, June 2008.

“Gender Politics, Draft Resistance, and American Resisters in Canada.” Canada as Refuge? Centre of Canadian Studies Conference, University of Edinburgh, April 2008.

“Women’s Liberation and ‘U.S. Chauvinism'”: Vietnam War Resistance and Feminist Activism,” New World Coming: The 60s and the Shaping of Global Consciousness, Queen’s University, June 2007.

“‘Libertine Liberationists’: Gender and Sexuality in Canadian and American Draft Resistance during the Vietnam War.” Western Association of Women’s Historians, May 2007.

“‘Love Guerillas’ and ‘Liberationist Shit-chicks’: Gender and Vietnam war resisters in Canadian antiwar activism.” American Studies Association, October 2006.

“Gendered Citizenship: Unemployment and Relief Activism in the Great Depression.” Labouring Feminism Conference, University of Toronto, September, 2005.

“Regulating Gender in 1930s Ontario: Relief, Courts and Community.” Canadian Historical Association, May 2005.

“‘If he is a man he becomes desperate’: Husbands, Fathers, and Unemployment in the Great Depression.” Canadian Historical Association, 2004.

Academic and Community Service

Co-founder and co-coordinator, Café Minerva. Women’s and Gender History Public Lecture Series (with Willeen Keogh).

Co-Chair, Canadian Committee on Women’s History (CCWH), 2018-2019. With Willeen Keough.

Co-founder and co-ordinator, The Herstory Café. Women’s Public History Lecture Series, 2007-2017 (with Jolene Cumming).

Canadian Historical Association. Council Member, 2014-2017.

Clio Prize Committee (British Columbia), Canadian Historical Association (Chair: 2011-2012, member: 2010-2011).

Program Committee, Canadian Historical Association (2009-2010; 2012-13; 2018-2019)

Co-chair, National Conference, Canadian Committee on Women’s History (2010) (with Willeen Keough).

Editorial Board, Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000. Current.

Secretary-Treasurer, Canadian Committee on Women’s History, 2004-2010.

Board Member, Women’s History Network of British Columbia (WHN/BC), 2004-2007.

Awards and Grants

Dean’s Medal, Excellence in Academic research, teaching, and service. Simon Fraser University, 2015.

National Capital Committee on the Scholarship, Preservation and Dissemination of Women’s History, Marion Dewar Prize, 2011 [Awarded to an outstanding scholar based on record of research, teaching and administrative work]

Honourable Mention, Sir John A. MacDonald Prize in Canadian History, Canadian Historical Association, 2010 (for Respectable Citizens).

Honourable Mention, Canadian Women’s Studies Association, 2011 (for Respectable Citizens).

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Standard Research Grant, 2009-2013.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (SFU), Cormack Teaching Award, 2010-11.