Graduate Supervision

Potential Graduate Students

I am currently accepting M.A. and PhD students in the areas of Canadian women’s and gender history, with a focus on the period of the twentieth century. I’m particularly interested in areas involving

  • the history of gender and social protest;
  • the history of the sixties and seventies;
  • second wave feminist history;
  • the interwar years, Great Depression, and postwar period in Canada;
  • welfare state history.

If you are considering graduate work in these fields, please take a closer look at our current graduate program and coursework requirements for the M.A. or the Ph.D.

Graduate programs in the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies are highly competitive. To see what kinds of work our approximately twenty graduate students are interested in, browse their department profiles. To see if your research interests are a good fit with our faculty, browse the profiles of our full time and associate faculty.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss the graduate program.

Graduate Supervision

I am currently serving as senior supervisor for doctoral student Barbara Bates. Dr. Mary Shearman defended her dissertation in November 2016. Kat Davidson successfully defended her MA Thesis.

Mary Shearman Mary Shearman (PhD Dissertation: sex work and the Penthouse in Vancouver)
Barbara Bates Barbara Bates (PhD Dissertation: Student activism, daycare at SFU, and second wave feminism)
Kat-Davidson3 Kathleen Davidson (Completed M.A. thesis: rape culture, racialization, and violence in Vancouver)

In addition, I have been a supervisor on numerous M.A. and PhD committees (in Gender Studies and in History) concentrating on immigration history, gender history, sexual politics, socialist history, and/or labour history.